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When people come in to our studio and see the phone stands, they say,

"Everyone needs this." 

"I have to have that,"


"That is sooo clever." 

What can we say? We agree? 

Two years ago, Jeni was working at her desk on her computer and using her cell phone to play music and also use the calculator, and also to answer texts... and a host of random other things that come up.  She wanted to see the screen, and have it charging since playing music is using up the battery. She looked far and wide for a charger that was not plastic and allowed her to use and charge in the upright position. Could. Not. Find. One...ANYWHERE. Not one that was elegant. Not one that looked good with or without the phone on it.  Not one that looks like this, a beautiful mini sculpture for your desk.

The RFG Phone Stand Sculpture comes in 4 basic swirly colors and also custom color designs.

Phone Stand Sculpture

Excluding Sales Tax
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