Jeni Gray-Roberts


Jeni Gray-Roberts has always been fascinated with the ebb and flow of water and life and cannot recall a time she was not learning something new and being creative.  Raised by a talented art teacher and a successful entrepreneur, RiverFire Glass has been smoldering inside her practically since birth.​​

Every experience is a step on the journey to here. Jeni loves finding or creating beauty in everyday life. She has always done everything with passion and her whole heart, sometimes that gets her into trouble but mostly it works out.​

Her business career includes photography, advertising account management, art and event gallery management and boutique merchant bank operations. While she has an excellent work ethic and made life-long friends in corporate offices she always dreamed of hand-making beautiful things using her vivid imagination. 


After working with ceramics, photography, sculpture, welding, metalsmithing, jewelry design (and enjoying them all) she enrolled in a fused glass class run by the Art Students’ League in New York City. The first time she held a piece of (cooled) melted glass in her hands she knew she had found her medium.

Jeni describes her introduction to fused glass as sort of a homecoming, a natural culmination of all her artistic training.  Glass, infinite possibilities!  Strong yet fragile, it can take on many textures from cut and sharp to smooth.  It can be opaque, transparent, translucent, iridescent, shiny or dull, lumpy or polished.

Jeni has over 20 years experience creating unique and beautiful art and jewelry.  Working predominantly in kiln-formed glass her work currently includes wall art, jewelry, garden ornaments, plates, bowls and magnificent platters.

Contact her at RiverFireGlass@gmail.com or on the contact form on this site to discuss your ideas and wishes.