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We hope these Frequently Asked Questions answer everything you need to know but if we missed something, please let us know and we'll respond in an email and add it to here for future visitors.

Questions About Classes and Workshops

1) How much is a private group class?

Click on Classes and Events to see up-to-date beginner pricing.  

For advanced classes, contact us to discuss the scope of your project.

2) What can I make?

Those rates cover beginner projects that could be a garden stake, 2-3  small ornaments or suncatchers, a 4” square coaster or a pendant necklace.  

If students want to make something different, I’m happy to discuss ahead of time but generally we start off with flat items. If they want to make small bowls then I add $10 to the project to cover extra firing and kiln materials.

3) Do we all have to make the same thing?

 Nope! You do you! Students do not need to make the same item.  Everyone can make a different item using their own design.

4) What if I'm not artistic or can't think of anything cool to make?

Not to worry, I am on hand to help you brainstorm ideas and RiverFire Glass has samples of items previously made to get your creative juices flowing. And, there’s always the internet.  It’s a great place to look at things you like and get inspired by them.

5) What experience do I need before I can take a RiverFire Glass class?

None, nada, zilch. You need no experience in glass or any other art form before arriving.  That’s what I’m here for.  I will show you how to use a variety of art glass tools. You will get the chance to practice and get somewhat comfortable with them. I will be checking your designs and “architecture" of your pieces to ensure a successful outcome.

I began working in fused glass in 2002 as a hobbyist and became a professional artist in 2017. My mother was an art teacher and after receiving my journalism degree I took college art classes covering all the studio arts; drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, graphic design, history of art, etc. 

6) What should I bring (or not) to a RiverFire Glass studio class?

You must wear closed-toe shoes.  It’s best to have long pants and your sleeves should not be flowy, dangly or anything that would catch or drag as you work. You can bring beverages as long as they have a cover.  If somehow you bring an open cup, we can transfer it to one of our jam jar glasses with a lid, so not to worry. Food, if you want to bring food and make it a bit of a party, we need to know ahead of time so we can make arrangements to have a cart in the gathering hall area as it’s best not to have food near where glass might be flying.

7) Do I need to bring my own safety goggles or mask?

We have safety goggles for your use while you are with us.  We keep regular and over-glasses sizes. If you happen to have your own safety goggles that you like, by all means bring them.  We ask people to have a mask with them but you generally don’t need to wear it unless we are working with finely crushed glass or you feel more comfortable wearing one.

8) How do I find you?

RiverFire Glass is a studio located inside the SoMA building at 500 Main Street in Deep River.  500 Main is an industrial complex just north of exit 5 off Route 9. SoMA has a black front with large yellow paint brushes across the facade. Our entrance is located in front with parking along the front of the building. You can see us from the street, if you drive in a driveway, you've gone too far. 

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