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Our Glass trees are one of our most popular items. They are a wonderful table top, windowsill  or mantle decoration.

They come in sizes ranging from 4" tall to about 10".  

As always, every single item is lovingly and individually handmade by Jeni.  No two trees are exactly alike.

Some trees are clearly more holiday oriented and some are perfect as year-round decor. Let us know what you prefer.


All trees are mounted on real wood bases cut from tree limbs sustainably harvested locally in CT. 


Each item is made to order. Please allow a week for us to make your special piece and 5-7 days to deliver.  You can expect your item in about 2 weeks.


A word about Kiln Glass/Fused Glass.  Glass fusing is achieved with heat, time and gravity.  Nearly all fused glass items have a "front" side and a "back" side. usually the front is shinier, slightly rounded and sometimes smoother.  A full-fused tree will be quite shiny and smooth on the front while the back will be flat and shiny but not glossy.  A contour-fused tree (my preferred method for my standing trees) will have a shiny front that retains some texture from all the different glass components.  The back will be completely flat without raised surface.  It will still be quite pretty from the back but the texture is on the front.

Most of my trees are made with some or all translucent or transparent glass making them perfect to put in front of a window or light source.

Glass trees,Made to Order

PriceFrom $35.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • The trees can come in dominant color choices of Blue, Green, Red or White.  There may or may not be other colors on the tree but this color will be the dominant color.  If there is any color you absolutely do not want to appear on your tree, please let us know at the time of your order.

    The widths will be anywhere from "1.5" to about 3".

    Remember, please communicate with me your preferences.

    Sizes are

        Small: 4-5"

        Medium 6-7.5"

        Large: 8-10"

  • In an effort to help the earth and keep prices down for our customers nearly all the packaging we use at RiverFire Glass is recycled.  We save all the boxes we get at home, newspapers, bubble wrap etc.  so packaging materials might vary from one order to another. We wrap your items individually to arrive safely at your door.  

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