Caution; This bracelet gets noticed and is sure to ellicit compliments. If you don't like complete strangers stopping you to say, "Wow, where did you get that beautiful bracelet," then this is not for you.  

Each sterling silver plate bracelet is set with hand cut art glass stacked into tiny towers and then melted at 1480 degrees F into 1/2" individual cabochons. More than half of them have glittery dichroic glass highlights that sparkle just enough.  

One bracelet, approximately 7.5", foldover hinge clasp

Made to order.


Mermaid's Tears Bracelet

  • Fused glass is pretty durable but it is still glass.  It should be fine under normal wear but if you drop it on a tile or stone floor, it could break.  I wear mine quite often and I'm a complete klutz, always gesturing and banging my wrists into things. Haven't broken mine yet.

    If your bracelet gets dirty, like when you are gardening, simply run it under tepid water and use mild soap and water.  Let it air dry or wipe it gently with a soft cloth.